We Are Live – Store Is In Beta!

Our store is now LIVE! However, it is still in Beta. That means that it works and you can order things, but it is subject to change, hopefully for the better, without notice. 🙂 Just click on the “Store” link in the menu bar or this one right here to see what’s in stock!

We will be adding literally HUNDREDS of patterns and tons of cool information, tutorials, and other nifty stuff over the next few weeks. If something doesn’t work, pleasepleaseplease let us know by commenting or emailing. If you want to know if we have a particular pattern or kind of pattern not yet listed, or advice on matching a pattern to a particular setting or character, or what the weather’s like in Illinois, please don’t hesitate to send us an email at wendy@sewyourcosplay.com (for actual cosplay questions) or marc@sewyourcosplay.com (for technical issues or weather-related inquiries.)


2 thoughts on “We Are Live – Store Is In Beta!

  1. Hi Wendy! I’m so excited for you. This is a great resource for people like me looking for cosplay patterns, but don’t want to take forever trying to find them. You do all the research and sell them at a very fair price. Good on you! I wish you the best of success.


    1. Thank you, Karen! I can’t wait to see what you’ll have at GaslightDreams, good luck with your Grand Opening!

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